Automation cluster

Do you need a big player in automation and robotics ? Or are you rather looking for a team of specialists that can operate in a flexible way. Presenting: Automation Cluster, a unseen collaborative consortium of regional top companies in automation and robotics.


The goal of this unique consortium ? To reinforce each other in a complementary way in order to win and make a success of big national and international projects. In short: a collaboration that goes beyond a classical supplier-customer relationship. Just like a well-oiled machine this multidisciplinary cluster will come in force for you from idea, over design and production all the way up to full integration.

The Automation Cluster likes to literally push boundaries for its members and its customers. How can we boost your project ?

Only advantages

Flexibility is guaranteed by the Automation Cluster. In that way very quick and to the point response to your request is the result.

Such diversity and complementarity in the team results also in high (co-)creative power. Different focus angles lead to unique solutions for your project.

Your project ? Our mission ! An enthusiastic team works on your project towards a perfect result.

Engage the Automation Cluster and choose for an unseen collaborative consortium of top players in automation and robotics.

You can enjoy the know-how of many diverse specializations in automation and robotics.

what can we do for you?


a unique network

pnv-logo P&V ELEKTROTECHNIEK Industrieweg 10, 3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Already for more than 30 years P&V Elektrotechniek is a leading company in design and construction of electrical distribution and control panels. With a team of 180 experienced employees they are the largest independent panel builder Belgium. Their capacity in engineering and production guarantees quality, flexibility and reliability.
AMS Belgium
Kieleberg 5,
Bilzen 3740, Belgium
A young, international and dynamic full service company with several divisions worldwide. Being specialized in robotics, PLC’s, offline programming and laser tracking, AMS Belgium is your partner in automatization and robotics.
Eikelaarstraat 21A,
3600 Genk, Belgium
Plakoni is a versatile, ISO-certified study and engineering bureau that helps you with the realization of all your automatization projects, supply and engineering services.
Herkenrodesingel 4 bus 3,
3500 Hasselt, Belgium
This dynamic company stands for sale of standard components for linear production lines, as well as custom tailored complete solutions. Through own engineering, extensive expertise and co-creation they guarantee the best solution for your project.  
logo-4 Provan
Troisdorflaan 22,
3600 Genk, Belgium
As a winner of the title ‘Factory of the Future’, Provan offers total solutions for welding, laser, sheet metal, profile metal jobs and the assembling of stainless steel and aluminum components. Quick Response Manufacturing is key to their success, focusing on smaller series with big variation and short lead times.